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Team Selection


To improve player retention and overall skill development of an entire year group.


At the conclusion of the season all players will be graded on their ability 1 to 5 with 5 being the most advanced. At the start of the new season all players will train together for a minimum of 2 training sessions. Note: It is desirable that training together for part or all of the session is the preferred option.

The grading process will involve the following steps:

  1. End of season – Coach evaluation (try to consider how players sit within the whole year group)
  2. New season – Pre-season training evaluation from coaches and coordinators. Footy Operations Manager, Vice President and President maybe involved if required.

Areas of consideration are:

Skills – kicking/marking/handballing/tackling

Game sense – Understanding of the game/willingness to be involved.

Physical – Size/development/coordination

Note: The players rating are/will be kept confidential.

Team Selection:

Prior to the final training session, the teams will be announced with the focus on:

  • Teams of even ability and even number of most advanced players.
  • Keeping mates together is a consideration.
  • And special circumstances are taken into consideration, if the coaches are aware of them.

The team selection panel will consist of the year level coaches, President, Vice President, Footy Operations Manager and Coach Coordinator.

The outcomes the committee desires to achieve are in line and consistent with the NBJFC values. They are:

N – Never give up

O – Own your poor behaviour on and off the field

R – Respect for coaches, umpires, parents, teammates, and the opposition

T – Try your hardest

H – Have fun and be happy

B – Be yourself

E – Encourage your teammates

A – Always do your best

C – Create an inclusive environment on and off the field

H – Have a team first attitude

Ron Van Der Sluys

President - NBJFC

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